cotton cycling caps designed in Europe

Cycling Caps

cotton cycling caps designed in Europe

Cycling Caps

Made to protect your head from the wind, rain, sun and mud and last but not least, it’s part of the cyclist’s unique look. The cycling cap is the most versatile of cycling accessories.

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In fact, it is worth starting with the fact that before, when the obligation to ride in a helmet was introduced in the professional peloton in 2003, the cyclists used to wear cycling caps. Later, this product disappeared for several years, but very quickly returned to favor, in an improved version. A functional creation, which is a cycling cap under the helmet, protects us from the sun or cold, and additionally cares for the protection of our eyes with a peak and thus prevents rain and sweat from flowing onto the face.

The cycling cap is an extremely popular product that perfectly complements the styling of every cyclist. Regardless of whether you like to spend long hours on the road, gravel or even use your bikes for recreational purposes, a cycling cap will be a great choice.

A bicycle cap is a universal product, because our offer includes models dedicated to both women and men, but without a specific gender distinction. Naturally, we also offer dedicated solutions, but the choice is always an individual matter. It is important, however, that, of course, cycling caps may differ, for example, due to the type of material from which they are made. Of course, the most popular models include cotton cycling caps, but also solutions made of polyester are popular.

Our offer includes a wide selection of various models and patterns of cycling caps, which are in a universal size. By focusing on the high quality of our solutions, we make every effort to ensure that our products meet customer requirements. We offer cotton caps with a comfortable male and female unisex cut. It also means that the cycling cap with a peak, which can be purchased on our website, thanks to the elastic welt, will easily fit every head and will look great, as well as ensure comfort of use.

The cycling cap is undoubtedly one of the most versatile cycling accessories. The products we offer extend in four directions, which ensures a better fit. We also took care to refine the previous models we offer, thus creating one size of the cycling caps we provide, which have undoubtedly been optimized in terms of cut and thus we can safely admit that they provide greater comfort during their use.

A cycling cap under a helmet is a great way to insulate yourself on colder days, because it protects our head against wind, rain, mud and even the sun. In hot summer, we can also count on the fact that the cycling cap will additionally protect our head against UV radiation and stabilize the helmet. The successfully offered products can also be worn with the peak backwards, thus protecting the neck against the sun. Such a hat can also prevent sweat from flowing towards the eyebrows, if we put it on in the classic way - with the peak forward. In addition, it also cares about protecting our face from excessive sun exposure.

In addition to the standard and most frequently chosen solutions, we also offer a hat for the autumn and winter period. It was made and sewn from a breathable material that has a special insulation on the inside. Thanks to its flexible cut, it will be able to successfully adjust its shape to any head, while protecting the ears and part of the neck. We made sure that our products from this series had flat seams, thanks to which it will be possible to use them comfortably while riding, without the possible feeling of pressure on the head after wearing the helmet. In addition, it should be emphasized that the technologies used to produce this type of cycling caps offered by us also take care of the efficient removal of moisture away from the head. This product also has quick-drying properties and due to its universal size, it will certainly be an excellent choice.

We are constantly making every effort to offer only high-quality products in our offer, and to create designs that will meet the expectations of our customers, both existing and new. We are convinced that a cycling cap, which is essential cycling accessory, can complement even everyday styling. Due to the wide range of colors and patterns we offer, we believe that even the most demanding customers will find solutions fully tailored to their needs.

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