Luxa road cycling jerseys for men's

Men's Cycling Jerseys

Proudly Made in Europe from innovative Italian materials. Often in collaboration with other big suppliers, to improve their environmental performance and reduce our contribution to climate change.
Luxa road cycling jerseys for men's

Cycling Jerseys

Proudly Made in Europe from innovative Italian materials.

Luxa beginning to show that sometimes simplicity can rule in design. The clean, and the minimalist style give the special charme of Luxa Jerseys. We produce garment that is both incredibly well performing and great looking at the same time. Jerseys has been designed in a contemporary, minimalistic look ensuring maximum performance & comfort. Premium cycling clothing made in the heart of Europe.

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Proudly Made in Europe

Since the Luxa premium clothing brand founding we produce in Poland. By buying our products we support European economy together!

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You have 30 days to exchange a product in Luxa from the date of receipt of the goods.


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Did you damage Luxa garment in accident? Get -50% discount on any selected product in the same category as damaged clothing.


Anyone who persistently practices some sport or is just starting their adventure with physical activity, must know that the right clothing is extremely important. Choosing the right cycling clothing for your discipline is a real investment. The case obviously also applies to cycling. This means that cycling jerseys should be comfortable, airy and allow free movement while cycling. If you are looking for cycling clothing made in Europe - It's good that you came to us. We produce in Poland from the best Italian materials.

The men's cycling jerseys we offer are distinguished by the fact that they simply fit the people wearing them. A wide range of sizes makes it possible for everyone to feel part of the cycling community. The cycling jersey from our offer also makes everyone look like a professional and will also feel great while cycling and training.

Of course, we realize that choosing a cycling jersey is not so easy. Regardless of whether it is men's cycling jerseys or women's cycling jerseys, the matter can be very complicated and quite difficult. Especially novice cyclists have many dilemmas. For them, the cycling jersey is still a not fully tested assortment, which is why many people are looking for appropriate solutions that will be fully adapted to the style of riding, their bike, and also meet the visual expectations of a given person.

The cycling jerseys we offer are made of high-quality Italian materials. In most cases, each cycling jersey has polyester in various proportions with other materials, which is why the cycling jersey becomes breathable and very comfortable at the same time. It is important for us to make our consumers aware that they are unfairly avoiding artificial fibers and are willing to use natural materials, because this type of belief is a mistake. Cotton, one of the natural and popular materials, would be an uncomfortable solution, increase sweating and stick to the skin. Cycling jerseys, which are made of high-quality fabrics and are in our offer, are breathable and quick-drying, thanks to which they also drain sweat from the skin, and make their use while riding extremely comfortable and pleasant.

Of course, depending on the season, our offer includes cycling jerseys that will be appropriate in spring, summer, autumn and winter (thermo-active base layers). We also offer solutions made of very light and thin material, of course, protecting against UV radiation.

Our offer includes men's cycling jerseys as well as women's cycling jerseys, which are distinguished by an aerodynamic and fitted cut. We can safely admit that this type of design is dedicated to both professionals, true cycling enthusiasts, and people just starting their adventure on the road or gravel bike. It is important that such a cycling jersey provides a better fit to the body and less air resistance. Undoubtedly, this type of solution can be felt especially over longer distances and advanced cyclists can confidently feel the differences in energy expenditure, which is why such an expenditure will undoubtedly prove to be sensible.

A cycling jersey should also be long enough, which is why our offer includes various sizes and refined cuts that will work well for taller and shorter people. Before releasing the products for sale, we make sure that they are properly tested and we do not respect solutions such as pulling the jersey at the least appropriate moment while cycling. That is why our jerseys are shorter at the front, thanks to which, in the correct position on the bike, unnecessary material does not accumulate on the stomach, which also affects the aesthetic value. In addition, the cycling jersey should have a slightly extended back when the cyclist is in a aerodynamic position.

Cycling jerseys in our assortment are also equipped with appropriate pockets that allow you to store keys, food, wallet, smartphone or other small items. This type of solution is quite deep, so there is no risk of losing certain items while riding. In addition, our offer includes men's cycling apparel and women's cycling clothing, which have been equipped with pockets with elastic edges, thus providing greater protection for the stored valuables. We also offer cycling jerseys with an additional zip pocket, which is undoubtedly quite comfortable.

The cycling jersey should also stand out with its excellent design, which undoubtedly plays one of the key roles when choosing a specific solution. Regardless of whether you want to stand out or keep a uniform color to match your bike.


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