bunch of Luxa cyclists riding in awesome clean forest in Anaga

Committed To Sustainability

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bunch of Luxa cyclists riding in awesome clean forest in Anaga
LUXA | Our Mission

Committed To Sustainability

Let's protect the places where we ride together. Since the establishment of our brand in 2016, we have been trying to implement solutions that have a real positive impact on our environment. Ecological production and sourcing of raw materials from certified suppliers are the most important aspects on the way to the sustainable development of our company. The key is to plan wisely what we can do in the coming months, years and decades.

Ecological recycled materials

One of our main goals for the coming years is to gradually increase the use of recycled materials. We only use proven European suppliers of materials with appropriate certificates, such as OEKO-TEX®. We make sure that the synthetic fibers produced in the recycling process do not differ in quality from the material made from the original raw material.

Currently, we use an admixture of ecological yarn for the production of our cycling clothing and we want to introduce more and more products of this type in the coming seasons. The main goal for the coming years is to switch to 90% production from recycled yarn. We are also working on creating a collection of recycled cycling jerseys that would be 100% from recycled plastic. We would like to maintain the appropriate durability so that this type of product could be used for many seasons and washing cycles.

eco friendly packaging from kraft paper perfect for 100% recycling


For packing, we use bags made of 100% strong kraft paper. The cardboard used is ideal for recycling. The shape of the packaging is also very important in the context of the economy of shipping. The bags adapt to the shape of the contents, i.e. cycling clothing inside, thanks to which the package takes up less space than standard cardboard boxes. The bag is fully biodegradable and can be recycled - it can be thrown into an appropriate waste segregation container. The packaging has been designed to make it easier for the customer to return in the same bag - the package has a second strip with glue so that after opening the carton can be resealed and sent back to us.

our plastic bags are multi use - features zipper


Ecological packaging is one that is functional, economical and leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint. We strive to reduce the use of plastic at every stage - from production to packaging and shipping. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to completely abandon it. Adequate protection of clothing against moisture and external odors requires sealed packaging. If you received your product in our zipper bag - please do not throw it away! The bag can be successfully used in many ways. Perfect for packing small items or small 100 ml cosmetics at the airport as a collective bag.

durable cycling clothing it is real eco-friendly way


Ecology is not only about recycled materials. It is important that the clothing is simply durable and does not deteriorate after a few training sessions. Attention should be paid to the technology of dyeing fibers, we always do it in the least invasive way without the use of toxic substances. We use European materials with appropriate OEKO-TEX® certificates, which guarantees sustainable production.

Throughout the production process, we work with trusted partners who ensure that the production of yarns uses a minimum amount of water. The final product is skin-friendly and does not cause allergic reactions. Our cycling clothing maintains a durable color even after multiple washing cycles and several seasons of use.

clean air without pollution in the Colle del Nivolet
clean air without pollution in the Colle del Nivolet

Social Responsibility

We realize that the highest quality products must be manufactured by highly qualified employees who create a good atmosphere and have safe working conditions. Our goal is for everyone involved in creating Luxa products to work in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly conditions. We build strong long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors in our industry. That kind of partnership builds trust and joint sharing of ethical values in business and everyday life.

Polish production and European suppliers

Taking care to ensure the highest possible quality, we decided to base our relations with partners only in Europe. We do not use cheap half-measures in China or any countries in Asia. We have full control of the entire process from the beginning of cooperation with material suppliers to the final product. Respecting every person and business partner, we cannot afford to transfer production to Asian countries, where often the low cost of sewing goes hand in hand with the violation of fundamental human rights.

We are realists - we have already done a lot, but there is still a lot to improve and there are new opportunities almost every day to run our business more sustainably.

European vs Asian Cycling Apparel Production: Why Choose European-Made Cycling Gear

Sustainable cycling clothing is becoming increasingly important as the industry shifts towards more environmentally and ethically responsible practices. Choosing EU-made apparel contributes to this trend by promoting higher-quality materials, better working conditions, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. As the cycling community grows, the demand for high-quality cycling gear increases. Cyclists are faced with the challenge of choosing between products manufactured in Europe and those produced in Asian countries. We will discuss the advantages of European-made cycling apparel and why it is the better choice for discerning cyclists.

1. Quality and Durability

European cycling apparel manufacturers are known for their attention to detail and use of the finest materials available on the market. As a result, European-made cycling clothing is characterized by exceptional durability, functionality, and comfort. When choosing European-made products, cyclists can be confident in their investment in long-lasting and high-performing kit.

2. Better Production Control and Working Conditions

One of the main advantages of European production is greater control over the manufacturing process and working conditions in factories. Strict regulations regarding quality, safety, and environmental protection in Europe ensure that products are more eco-friendly and user-friendly. This commitment to higher standards sets European-made cycling apparel apart from the competition.

3. Flexibility and Innovation

Collaborating with local manufacturers allows for greater flexibility in adapting to market needs and faster implementation of innovations. This agility enables European cycling apparel producers to quickly respond to changing customer requirements and offer products that meet their expectations. Choosing European-made gear means staying ahead of the curve and enjoying the latest advancements in cycling technology.

4. Eco-Friendly Cycling Clothing: Reducing Carbon Emissions with European Production

Reducing the carbon footprint in the production and distribution of cycling clothing is another crucial aspect of sustainable practices. European-made cycling apparel often boasts a lower carbon footprint compared to Asian-produced alternatives, as shorter distances in transport and logistics reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, many European manufacturers are increasingly implementing eco-friendly technologies and processes, such as utilizing renewable energy sources and recycling materials, in their production facilities. By choosing European-made sustainable cycling clothing, customers not only support ethical and environmental practices but also contribute to lowering the overall carbon footprint of the industry.

5. Supporting Local Economies and European Identity

By choosing European-made cycling apparel, you are supporting local economies and preserving jobs on our continent. This decision also fosters a sense of belonging to the European cycling community and the satisfaction of owning products that represent European values and traditions. By opting for the Luxa brand, cyclists can take pride in owning products that represent the rich cycling heritage of the continent and showcase their distinct European identity.

In summary, European-made cycling apparel stands out for its high quality, environmental responsibility, flexibility, and support for local economies. By choosing European-produced gear, cyclists can be sure they are investing in durable, functional, and comfortable apparel that meets the highest standards. Embrace the European cycling heritage and make the smart choice for your cycling wardrobe.

You can read more about this topic on our Blog: Europe vs China: Is it Worth Choosing Cycling Clothing Made in Asia?

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