jerseys for women's. Cycling apparel made in Europe

Women's Cycling Jerseys

Start your adventure today.
jerseys for women's. Cycling apparel made in Europe

Women's Cycling Jerseys

Start your adventure today.

Jerseys designed for female specific fit. Women's cycling clothing made to suit any kind of ride. Luxa clothing is designed to empower the female cyclist to unforgettable adventure and the realization that it's the little things in life that make really happy.

Flexibility and Comfort: Women's Cycling Jerseys Tailored to Your Silhouette

Discover the latest trends in sporty style with our range of Luxa women's cycling jerseys. Perfect for active women who value comfort and functionality. Designed with diversity and durability in mind, our women's cycling jerseys provide optimal fit to meet any challenge on the road or gravel.

Whether you're an experienced cyclist or just starting your cycling adventure, our women's cycling jerseys will meet all your expectations. Discover the quality and style offered by Luxa women's cycling jerseys. Ideal for every season, these cycling jerseys for women ensure maximum comfort during the ride. Stand out on the road with our women's jerseys.

Comfortable Cycling Jerseys for Women Produced in Poland

Thanks to our commitment to sustainable development of our brand, women's cycling jerseys not only enhance your cycling experiences, but also help protect the environment. At Luxa, we care about every detail - from the choice of fabrics to the production process. Check out our range of Luxa women's cycling jerseys, designed with the most demanding cyclists in mind. Our cycling jerseys for women combine style, comfort and an eco-friendly approach. Feel the difference and choose Luxa women's cycling jerseys - produced in Poland with a love for sport and respect for nature.

Emphasizing the exceptional quality of our products, Luxa women's cycling jerseys are characterized by elasticity, which ensures a perfect fit to feminine shapes. Designed with a diverse build in mind, our cycling jerseys for women nicely shape the silhouette, while ensuring freedom of movement during each ride.

Our cycling jerseys are equipped with practical amenities such as zippers, pockets for small items, and silicone grippers that prevent the jersey from moving during the ride.

Full Protection, Excellent Non-Transparent Material Coverage

Knowing the needs of our customers, we are well aware that comfort is not only about ergonomics and fit, but also about providing proper body coverage without the effect of transparency. That's why all Luxa women's cycling jerseys are made of non-transparent materials of the highest quality. The dense weave of microfibers positively affects the skin covering properties, while perfectly wicking sweat and not causing stains on the material.

Women's Comfortable Cycling Apparel for Summer

When temperatures start to rise, the right outfit becomes a key element for every cycling enthusiast. Buying a summer cycling jersey is an investment that directly affects the comfort and quality of your ride.

  • Breathable materials: Women's cycling jerseys are made of materials that provide excellent ventilation and quickly wick away sweat, ensuring your freshness and comfort even during intense pedaling.
  • Lightness and flexibility: Women's cycling jerseys are light and flexible, which allows for freedom of movement and a perfect fit to the female silhouette, without limiting comfort.
  • UV Filter: Our cycling jerseys offer protection against harmful UV radiation, which is extremely important when riding in full sunshine.
  • Style and aesthetics: Women's cycling jerseys are available in various styles and colors, allowing you to express your personality and style while riding. Check the availability of male equivalents if you want to look identical on a joint ride.
  • Durability: Cycling jerseys are made from durable materials that will withstand many seasons of use, offering value that exceeds their cost.

Purchasing a summer cycling jersey is an investment in comfort, performance, and style. Regardless of whether you are an experienced cyclist or just starting your adventure, the right cycling jersey is an essential element of your summer equipment.

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