cycling base layers made in Europe

Base Layers for Cyclists

Your second skin. Go for a ride no matter what the temperature is out. Browse our Summer and Winter baselayers
cycling base layers made in Europe

Base Layers for Cyclists

Your second skin. Go for a ride no matter what the temperature is out. Browse our Summer and Winter baselayers

Like everything in road cycling, a performance base layer should fit close to the skin. It feels like a functional second skin improves temperature regulation and keeps the rider dry. In winter it will keep your core warm and protect from overheat.

cycling baselayer is your essential for cold and warm riding

Your first cycling layer directly in contact with your skin

Cycling underwear, otherwise known as baselayer, must be sewn with materials that have quick drying properties and do not absorb moisture. To put it simply, it is a functional long-sleeve jersey, extremely simple without unnecessary additions.

Your cycling training will be even more enjoyable. Good baselayer will remain your body warm without the effect of "boiling". We took care of the right cut - the better the adhesion, the more we appreciate the good work of summer or winter baselayer.

Cycling base layer for every season

Are you looking for simply way to move moisture away from the surface of your skin? Cycling baselayers are designed to manage the climate differential between the inside and outside of your garments. Certainly, thermoactive clothing is an excellent choice for all people who practice sports, both professionally and as an amateur. Therefore, thermal cycling undershirt is a great complement to the outfit on colder days. It will not be an exaggeration to admit that cycling base layer is a specific essential of our cycling kit. However, it is important to invest in high-quality solutions that will ensure the comfort of use, will be safe for our body and skin.

Thermoactive base layer for cyclists is a broad topic that undoubtedly needs to be discussed. The internet search engine certainly suggests many solutions that may be tempting due to their price. However, we must remember that the main task of this type of products is to keep the skin dry and, wicks away moisture and dries fast. Providing good ventilation and temperature regulation, as well as protect against cold. If we consider these aspects logically, we will certainly come to the conclusion that thermal base layers for cyclists are products that are not worth saving on.

On our website, we offer only high-quality clothing that were well thought out at the planning stage, carefully developed in the process of manufacturing and tested before we decided to release them. Of course, we are aware that layering is an extremely wide topic, but on our part we make every effort to systematize cycling clothing and propose highly specialized features.

Autumn and Summer Base Layers are products that are primarily intended to provide us with active protection against excessive sweat and overheating of our body, which is why it should be well-suited and made of an appropriate composition of materials.

What is the best base layer for cycling in summer?

The offered cycling base layers, including the cycling sleeveless lightweight summer jersey, is a perfect complement to both the spring and summer clothing of a cyclist, because the products we provide from this category have not only breathable but also antibacterial properties. This means that they will be perfect for long training sessions on warmer days. We do our best to ensure that our cycling clothing is made of fabrics with thermoregulatory properties that significantly improve thermal comfort during efforts. All jerseys has unisex cut, therefore we believe that both women and men will find here products that meet their expectations. We make every effort to ensure that our offer includes highly selected products and those that will constitute the basic elements of summer and winter cycling apparel, regardless of the season.

The thermoactive base layers for cyclists is also a perfect choice for any weather. We also made sure to offer professional long sleeve base layer jerseys that was tailored for winter training. The multi-filament microfibers used, containing durable silver ions, ensure that the jersey offered by us for a road cycling remains fresh and thus reduces unpleasant odor. Luxa cycling apparel are characterized by efficient breathability, which undoubtedly deserve to be appreciated. These types of features are an indispensable part of cycling clothing during winter training or other outdoor activities during cold period of the year. Equipped with two layers of material, which consist of various zones, the solutions we offer remain high-quality, provide excellent protection against wind and at the same time protect against overheating of the body during intense exercise. In addition, we can also count on the fact that the solutions we offer will perfectly take care of sweat and at the same time maintain the proper natural microclimate next to our skin, which is undoubtedly crucial for the comfort of many hours of cycling. This makes the Luxa base layers comfortable to wear even on long, intense and summer rides, whether outside or indoor cycling. Browse our range from the summer to winter baselayers.

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