A cyclist dressed in aerodynamic Luxa cycling socks rides fast on a road bike

Aero Socks

Aerodynamic advantage within your reach
A cyclist dressed in aerodynamic Luxa cycling socks rides fast on a road bike

Aero Socks

Aerodynamic advantage within your reach

In the world of cycling, every second is worth its weight in gold. Cyclists are constantly looking for ways to achieve higher speeds and improve their riding comfort. One of the key elements that can help in achieving these goals is Aero cycling socks. The advanced fabric structure distributes the airflow, reducing aerodynamic drag. This allows for higher speeds with less effort. Marginal gains!

skarpetki kolarskie Luxa są polskiej produkcji

Proudly made in Europe

Since the inception of our brand, we have been sewing in Polish workshops. By purchasing our products, we are jointly supporting the European economy!

ciekawy pomysł dla kolarza

Gift Idea for cyclist

You can never have too many socks. Match them to the color of your bike, shoes, and jersey. We encourage you to break the mold!

usługa crash replacement gwarantuje zniżkę po wypadku na rowerze

Crash Replacement Policy -50%

Did you damage our clothes or socks in an unfortunate accident? You'll get a new pair at a 50% discount.


Discover 4 benefits of Aero socks that can help you achieve better results on your bike

The modern cycling accessories market offers a variety of products that enhance riding comfort and improve sports performance. One such element gaining popularity is Aero cycling socks. In this article, we will examine why it is worth investing in these specialized socks, how they affect cyclists' performance, and what benefits they bring.

1. Higher speed and less air resistance

Aero socks are designed to increase aerodynamics while cycling. Thanks to the special fabric, Aero cycling socks distribute airflow, reducing aerodynamic drag and allowing for higher speeds at the same power output, compared to when a cyclist uses regular socks.

Numerous studies by professional Pro Tour teams in wind tunnels have shown that Aero socks save 4.45 watts at a speed of 40 km/h (0° yaw angle). This means that cyclists can achieve better results using this type of sock.

2. Comfort and stability

Our brand's Aero socks are characterized by non-slip silicone inserts on the inside that keep the sock in place and prevent slippage. The stability of Aero socks guarantees that you don't have to worry about comfort during your ride.

3. Temperature regulation for your feet

Aero cycling socks are made of a soft Italian fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin's surface, keeping your feet at an optimal temperature. This way, you avoid overheating and discomfort during hard efforts.

4. Aero socks – the key to better results. Marginal Gains!

Studies confirm that Aero socks save energy while cycling, which can contribute to improving your results. In combination with other accessories, such as special shoe covers, Aero cycling socks can help you gain an edge over the competition. In conclusion, investing in Aero cycling socks is an excellent way to improve your cycling performance. Providing aerodynamics, comfort, and optimal foot temperature, these socks are a must-have for every ambitious cyclist. Don't wait – see for yourself how Aero socks can change your results on the bike.

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